The Noizezz Red is our extreme filter with an attenuation of up to 33 dB.

This Noizezz can be used to protect the ears against the loud noise associated with heavy industry, construction work and fireworks.

These are noise reducers, designed to turn the noise down to a safe level but still allow you to hear.

Noizezz universal fit hearing protection – Attenuating hearing protection, great for concerts, clubs and motorsports.

We live in a world where sound is all around us all the time and we get used to it quickly. Even when the sound level around you is very high. Just think of the factory floor or visiting a dance party or concert… The intensity of sound is expressed in dB. Exposure to a sound level of 80 dB during an 8-hour period is commonly regarded as the safety limit. Exposure to sounds above 80 dB can lead to hearing impairment.

During a concert, there is an average sound level of 90-130 dB.  This is when you should know that wearing some kind of hearing protection is necessary. As a general rule you could say that sound can have adverse effects on your hearing when you are at an arm’s length away from a sound source and you have to shout to make yourself understood.