Psychology & Mental Health Support

We have heard from people like you that it can be hard to find the right people to talk with when it comes to addressing the mental health challenges of living with hearing loss and tinnitus. 

Hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo can each affect our mental wellbeing, and when this happens it can be hard to know where to look for support.

That’s why the Soundfair Hearing centre offers psychology services dedicated to supporting you with any mental wellbeing challenges experienced while living with your hearing loss or tinnitus.

As part of our ‘whole person’ centered approach, we offer more than just devices and more than just audiology to support you to live well with your hearing loss and tinnitus.

Psychological, social, emotional and mental health challenges can be both influenced by and/or influence your ability to live well with your hearing loss and tinnitus, and our team understand this fully – yep, we get it.

How does psychology at the Soundfair Hearing Centre work?

Patrick Haylock, our provisional psychologist with a particular interest in working with people with hearing conditions, will begin with an initial triage phone consultation so you can understand how he may be able to work with you. This initial triage appointment is provided free of charge.  
Once you have had your initial phone triage consultation, our psychology service can then be provided via face to face or telehealth consultations. 

How much will psychology services at the Soundfair Hearing Centre cost?

As the service will initially be provided by a provisional psychologist, it will be offered as a low-cost program, increasing accessibility to the mental health support people with hearing conditions need.

The initial phone triage consultation is free of charge. Subsequent face to face or telehealth consultations will be charged at $55 per 50minute session.

Medicare rebates will not apply for this service.

How do I book a Psychology appointment at
the Soundfair Hearing Centre?

Please register your interest below to guarantee your access to the service.
You will receive a phone call from Patrick for your free initial triage consultation.

Do I really need to see a psychologist about my hearing?

The emotional, social, and psychological impacts of hearing loss and tinnitus are unique to everyone. Not everyone will need psychological support to live well with their hearing conditions.

If psychology is not for you, but you would still like to work with someone who understands these impacts, our Audiologists are specially trained to take a “more than just ears” approach to audiology.  We are not just about ears and devices but see you as a whole person. That means even our audiology consultations are about getting to know you and your hearing health and wellbeing goals so we can work with you the way you need and prefer.

Book an appointment with our Audiologist today to experience “more than just ears’ audiology.

Do I need to have hearing loss or
tinnitus to see a Psychologist at the
Soundfair Hearing Centre?

Currently, this is a specialized service for people living with hearing conditions like hearing loss, tinnitus, and vertigo.  This site will be updated if bookings can be opened up more broadly.

Our Psychology Team

Patrick Haylock is a current Provisional Psychologist, enrolled in the master’s and Doctoral program at the University of Melbourne. Patrick consulted with Soundfair in the past on our Hearing Wellbeing program, which has now been funded by the NHMRC to further enhance the program and its accessibility.  Patrick has a keen interest in working with people with hearing conditions of all types – hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo etc., and has lived experience of hearing loss himself.

Patrick will be supervised by Christina Bryant, a fully qualified clinical psychologist who was also consulted as part of the Hearing Wellbeing project and is a Soundfair supporter.
To arrange a free initial triage consultation with our psychology Team, call us on 1300 242 842 or click on the Book an Appointment button below.