About the Hearing Services Program
Hearing Loss
At Soundfair Hearing Centre, helping our clients access services is essential. That is why we participate and provide services through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (HSP) voucher scheme.
A Step By Step Guide to Whole Person Hearing Assessments
Hearing Loss
Hearing is a fundamental aspect of human experience, influencing not only the ability to communicate but also overall well-being.
Ray - Lived Experiences – Tinnitus
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We have heard from so many amazing people these past few weeks, who have all taken the time to share their stories and experiences living with Tinnitus. Today we introduce you to Ray (pictured here with his gorgeous wife Billie!). Ray has bravely stepped out of his comfort zone to share with us how tinnitus has changed his life over the past ten years.
Anne - Lived Experiences – Tinnitus
Social Connection
Anne was holidaying 20 years ago and travelling up a high mountain when she felt her ears pop. Soon after, she noticed unfamiliar sounds which were eventually diagnosed as Tinnitus. Over the years Anne has learnt to try and ignore it, however some days she can’t and feels she has to manage her mood without telling people around her. She rarely talks about her tinnitus with others, only when it’s at its worst will she tell her husband who is a great support.
What is Tinnitus
The Soundfair Hearing Centre hears from a lot of people who have been diagnosed with Tinnitus by their GP, but don’t know the next steps in managing the condition and what it really entails. So we have put together some basic information and would also like to share some lived experience stories – from people who participated in the recent Tinnitus Awareness Week our friends at Tinnitus Australia (a Soundfair initiative) recently ran a campaign for.
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Effective Hearing Protection
Hearing Aid Care | Hearing Loss
Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a prevalent and preventable form of hearing loss that affects millions of individuals worldwide.
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Ear Wax & Wax Removal
Hearing Aid Care | Hearing Loss
Ear wax is a natural substance produced by the glands in the ear canal. While it serves a protective role in keeping the ears moisturised and preventing dust and debris from entering, an excess of ear wax can lead to various issues, including hearing loss, tinnitus, and discomfort.
Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline
Hearing Loss
Hearing loss becomes more prevalent as people age with approximately 50% of people aged 60-70 having hearing loss. Hearing loss rates increase to approximately 70% of those aged 70 and over, and 80% of those aged 80 and over
Hearing Loss. Tinnitus. Mental Health.
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Living with hearing loss and/or tinnitus can lead to mental health challenges. This occurs due to the grief associated with having hearing loss or tinnitus, dealing with the effects hearing loss and tinnitus have on a person’s life. As with all mental health challenges, you may work through these issues on your own, but you may find you need some extra support so you can live well with their hearing loss and tinnitus.
What every hearing aid wearer should know about moisture damage.
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The humidity inside a normal human ear canal can be likened to that of the amazon rainforest! As humans, made up of 70% water and running at 37 degrees, we are designed to create humid environments in parts of our body that we may not realise – like our ear canals.