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Connection coach empowering you to live well with your hearing condition

Hearing conditions are as diverse as the individuals who experience them. Finding the right support is essential. A Soundfair Connection Coach can help you navigate the hearing system, explore the impacts of your hearing condition on you as a whole person and across all areas of your life, and help you create an action plan for hearing and wellbeing success.

A Soundfair Connection Coach will listen to you as a whole person, explore the logistical, psychological, social and emotional aspects of your hearing condition and refer you to resources and services to address your hearing and wellbeing goals.

This type of service is like a case management model, where you are paired with a Connection Coach and put at the centre of your journey. You will codesign your hearing health and wellbeing goals and action plans with your Connection Coach, supporting you to self advocate and live an empowered life.

A Soundfair Connection Coach appointment could go in any direction, but might include:

  • Information about eligibility and hearing funding models that apply to you
  • Navigation and application support for funding access.
  • Advice based on your whole person hearing needs, not just based on a hearing test.
  • Independent advice on hearing aids and communication technology for you and your family.
  • Support to set smart goals and an action plan to get your hearing and wellbeing needs met as a whole person.
  • Facilitation to connect with, or referrals to service providers, social groups, and other support services.
  • Access to evidence based tools and resources to educate and support you and your family in your journey to hearing wellbeing.
  • A full diagnostic hearing test will be included if required to support your action plan.
  • Time and space to explore the impacts of your hearing condition on your social, emotional and psychological well being

The Soundfair Connection Coach service ensures you receive the right information and support based on your unique personal circumstances and hearing condition, and sets you up for hearing and wellbeing success. This service can be coupled with a diagnostic hearing assessment.


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