The experience of living with sounds in your ears or in your head that no one else can hear can feel isolating, frustrating, and hopeless. But living well with Tinnitus is possible, and at the Soundfair Hearing Centre, we have the experience, knowledge, empathy and understanding to support you to do just that.

Understanding Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a hearing condition where people hear noises, hisses or hums that have no external source and is often called ‘ringing in the ears’.

It can be constant or occasional, loud or soft, mild or severe and can be heard in one or both ears or feel like it is somewhere in the middle. 

While the exact cause of tinnitus is not always known, tinnitus can arise because of some sort of damage in the auditory system, such as exposure to loud sounds.

Whilst this may be the catalyst for tinnitus, the ongoing nature of it is generated by the brain. 

Tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease, and it can change over time in response to many factors.

Is there a cure for tinnitus?

If you have seen a medical professional about your tinnitus, chances are you have been told “ you just have to live with it”.  We don’t think that is very helpful advice, and want to ensure you have the tools and support to work with your tinnitus and feel hopeful about the prospect of an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Help with your tinnitus

Working with the Soundfair Hearing Centre will support you to understand the things that make your tinnitus better or worse, regain control and actively work towards reducing its impact on your life.

Your tinnitus may be the result of something easily modifiable like earwax build up in your ears or the effect of temporary medications, or it may be a more complex symptom of stress, anxiety or noise trauma. Whatever the trigger, the first step is to get in touch with an audiologist who can help you to explore your ear health, help you understand your tinnitus and discuss a management plan.

There are many strategies and options to support you to live well with your tinnitus including recognised therapeutic approaches such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment therapy), the use of hearing aids or sound generators for sound enrichment, mindfulness and relaxation techniques for stress and anxiety management, sleep management, diet and medication modifications. In some cases, tinnitus management can involve a combination of approaches that works best for you and your tinnitus.

Who can I trust for Tinnitus information?

Tinnitus Australia, a Soundfair initiative, is the nationally recognised source of independent and evidence based resources on Tinnitus. The Tinnitus Australia website is a fabulous starting point to explore all aspects of tinnitus understanding and management options.

Both Tinnitus Australia and the Soundfair Hearing Centre are part of Soundfair – a not for profit organisation with a 90 year history of supporting people to live well with hearing conditions.

How can Soundfair Hearing Centre support me and my tinnitus?

Your Tinnitus Support journey with the Soundfair Hearing Centre starts with a highly trained triage system on the phone to direct you to the right information, resources and services you need.  You may be best supported by some time with one of our Audiologists or Connection Coaches, and this can be done either in person, or many people choose telehealth for their tinnitus support service– how you access support is your choice.  

If you are in crisis as a result of your tinnitus, please go direct to either

What can I expect in a Tinnitus Support appointment?

When you make an appointment with us for Tinnitus Support, you will feel understood and validated, as we support you to explore the impacts of your tinnitus on you as a whole person and the many management options that are available to you.

You will receive the latest evidence based information to help you understand your tinnitus for what it is and explore how it can be varied and managed.   You will have the time you need to work through all the possibilities with an expertly trained, and most importantly, empathetic professional.

Sound fair?  Book an appointment for Tinnitus Support today and stop just coping, and start living well with your tinnitus.