Hearing-friendly badges display pack


Perfect for resale in shops and clinics, a pack of 50 Soundfair hearing friendly magnetic badges (you can choose the ratio of red to green) comes with an eye-catching display tent, so that you can show them off at your front desk or point of sale.

Support people who need others to remove their mask to help with clear communication, by selling Soundfair hearing-friendly badges. The green badges are perfect for front-of-house staff as well as friends and family of people with hearing conditions. Our red badges take the pressure off people with hearing conditions to advocate for themselves by explaining the need to lower masks sometimes.

Badge specifications

 These custom-made badges 45mm with magnet fasteners avoid the pinning and unpinning of pin badges, meaning you can wear it without damaging your clothes – even on your mask!  The cool ‘mag-tags’ use a clever magnet system that clamps the badge tightly over the display tent and your clothing. 

Display tent specifications

Tents are 8.5 x 11 inches in 14 pt. cardstock gloss

  • Stiff, thick cardstock with a gloss finish for sheen and vibrant colours
  • Paper from sustainable sources

With placeholders for the badges, together with a blank space for you to write the price, the tent is the perfect way to market and sell the hearing-friendly magnetic badges.

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