Hearing tests for children 

At Soundfair, we understand that hearing conditions are about more than just ears, even in children. Hearing supports a child’s development, learning and experience of connection with the ever-changing world around them.

Hearing conditions in children can be quite apparent when causing pain or affecting behaviour, such as an acute ear infection. But an underlying longer term hearing loss can be tricky to spot, potentially misinterpreted as poor behaviour, lack of concentration or problems with speech.

You may notice your child has signs of a hearing condition, such as:

  • Not turning their head towards sounds or not startling to loud noises
  • Frequently runny or blocked nose
  • Speech is delayed or unclear compared to other kids their age
  • Instructions appear to be ignored or not correctly followed
  • Frequent requests for repetition or perhaps they say ‘What?’ regularly
  • Watching your face intently or turning your face towards them to see you speak
  • Pulling at their ears or complaining of sore ears
  • School behaviour or concentration is reported as a concern by teachers
  • Requests to turn the TV or iPad volume up louder than others

If you notice any of the above, a simple and painless hearing test can help.

Consult your GP if you are concerned about your child’s hearing. If the problem persists, a hearing test may be necessary. 

Children’s hearing tests at Soundfair

At Soundfair, we provide independent, accurate and fun hearing testing for children aged five and above. For primary school aged children, hearing is assessed via some fun listening games through headphones. For older children, the testing process is like that of adults, where a button is pressed each time a sound is heard through some headphones. An assessment of middle ear function is routinely included, for all children, as this is where common ear infections occur.

Testing at any age is done in soundproof conditions, will determine the degree and type of any hearing loss and is completely pain free.
Our audiologists will explain the testing and findings in a clear and easy to understand way, along with recommendations for any action or next steps so you feel informed and reassured and empowered.

Additional supports for children’s hearing by Soundfair

Hearing tests for babies and pre-schoolers

Our facilities are not currently appropriate to perform hearing tests on children younger than five years of age. For hearing assessments for babies or preschool aged children, please consult with your GP, Maternal and Child Health service or nearest Specialised Paediatric audiology clinic.