About the Hearing Services Program

At Soundfair Hearing Centre, helping our clients access services is essential. That is why we participate and provide services through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (HSP) voucher scheme.

The HSP provides eligible Australians with funded hearing services. The hearing devices an eligible person can access through the HSP will depend on an individual’s needs and hearing loss. They may include hearing assessments, fittings of hearing aids and other devices, support with maintenance of hearing aids and other hearing devices, and rehabilitation programs. Here is our video on how the HSP works. Scroll down for the video transcript and more information on the HSP.

Video Transcript:
Wondering how to access hearing services in Australia? There are various funding options available to support individuals with their hearing needs, one of them being the Hearing Services Program, also known as the HSP. Here is a quick rundown of how the program works. The HSP is a government initiative which provides hearing services to eligible Australians. Eligibility is based on several factors – residency status, age and the presence of a hearing loss. Typically, people must be aged over 26 and hold an eligible concession card. Anyone under the age of 26 who presents with a hearing loss is automatically eligible. The program offers a range of services including hearing assessments, fitting of hearing devices and ongoing support. By addressing the hearing needs of individuals, the program aims to improve the quality of life and social participation of those affected by hearing loss. To find out more and check in on your hearing health, you can give us a call at the Hearing Centre and we can run through your eligibility and get you connected!

Eligibility for the HSP Those who are eligible to receive services through the HSP include: You are eligible for the voucher scheme if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident or liveo on Norfolk Island, are aged 21 years or older, and are:

  • a pensioner concession card holder or their spouse
  • a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Gold Card holder or their spouse
  • a DVA White Card holder (hearing-specific conditions) or their spouse
  • a member of the Australian Defence Force, including the:
    • Permanent Navy
    • Regular Army
    • Permanent Air Force
    • Reserves in continuous full-time service
  • referred by a Disability Employment Service.
    • Hearing Assessments Through the HSP

      If you are eligible for the HSP, the first service provided is usually a hearing assessment. This
      assessment ascertains whether you have a hearing loss and whether it is significant enough to be
      fitted with hearing aids. An eligible person can have a hearing assessment once every five years;
      however, a hearing check that monitors hearing levels is available annually for both those with and
      without hearing aids. Our Soundfair Hearing Centre audiologists perform these assessments through
      the HSP and explain the results and any next steps to you.

      Hearing Aids and Other Devices Through the HSP

      Eligible people whose hearing assessment determines they have a hearing loss that warrants fitting a
      hearing aid or other hearing device, such as an assistive listening device, can get support for these
      devices. Under the HSP, eligible people can choose fully funded devices or hearing aids with higher
      technology levels and pay the gap in the cost payable for them. Following your assessment, our
      audiologists will discuss the options with you based on your needs and hearing assessment results.
      Hearing aids through the HSP tend to be replaced every five years or so, depending on your needs.
      The Soundfair Hearing Centre audiologists will guide you when it is time to do this. To optimise the
      benefits of hearing aids, it is important to have an annual check of your hearing and hearing aids so
      they can be adjusted if your hearing changes. This annual review is provided at no cost to you
      through the HSP. Soundfair Hearing Centre conducts these annual reviews for you. We are also
      available to help if you have any trouble or require maintenance with your hearing aids outside of
      the usual review appointments.

      Hearing Aid Maintenance Through the HSP

      Hearing aids need regular maintenance. They often have parts that need to be changed, such as
      batteries, domes, or wax filters, or they may need repair. This can become quite expensive.
      However, through the HSP, eligible people can choose to pay a set annual fee for the maintenance of
      the hearing aids, including repairs, and then the government subsidizes this amount. This scheme
      can save you significant money in keeping your hearing aids operational.

      Rehabilitation Programs Through the HSP

      The HSP also funds rehabilitation programs for clients who meet specific criteria. Depending on the
      situation, these programs may include communication tactics or advanced information about getting
      the most out of your hearing aids. Your Soundfair Hearing Centre audiologist will guide you on
      whether these programs are right for you.

      We Are Here to Help

      If you are unsure if you are eligible for the Hearing Services Program or how to access it, the staff at
      the Soundfair Hearing Centre are here to help. To access these services, contact us at (03) 8640